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介形類ウミホタル Vargula hilgendorfii (Müller)

Laboratory of Invertebrate Zoology, Department of Biology, Osaka Kyoiku University


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Crustaceans are, in our opinion, the most exciting of all invertebrates. . . . The range of morphological diversity among crustaceans far exceeds that of even the insects. In fact, because of their diversity in form and number, it is often said that crustaceans are the "insects of the sea." We prefer to think of insects as the "crustaceans of the land."
R. C. Brusca & G. J. Brusca
Invertebrates, 1990


メンバー Members

教員 生田 享介 准教授
  Kyosuke IKUTA, Associate Professor
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研究 Research

  • 甲殻類諸群の比較形態学的および発生生物学的研究 Comparative morphology and developmental biology in the crustacean arthropods

業績一覧 List of publications and presentations

教育 Education

  • 生物学実験I(前・後期火4)
  • 理科I(前期月2・火2)
  • 理科II(後期木2・金2)
  • 発生学実験(後期月4・5)
  • 臨海実習(集中5〜6月の5日間 於京都大学瀬戸臨海実験所)
  • 総合演習(理科)(後期木4)
  • 生物学ゼミナール(前期月3・4)
  • 理科情報メディア演習(前・後期水1) →演習HPへ

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