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Welcome to Osaka Kyoiku University Information Processing Center Home Page.

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Osaka Kyoiku University Home Page

P R O V I D E D   S E R V I C E S
• Services
   • Research use
   • Educational use
   • Licenced Software*
   • Web services*
• Application procedures
   • Registration for research use
   • Registration for educational use
   • Network connection
   • Wireless-LAN connection
   • Licenced software
• Opening times, terms of use and fees

F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S
• I can't connect to the network.
   • I can't open web sites.
   • I can't send emails.
• My emails don't arrive at the destination.
• I forgot my password.
• I recieved an email saying I got a virus.
• I want to get access from home.
• I want to use Wireless-LAN.
R U L E S   O F   C O N D U C T
• Terms of service
• About email
• About home pages
• About bulletin boards
• About copyright
• About privacy
• To avoid causing damage

C A M P U S   N E T W OR K
• Access from class/seminar room
• Wireless-LAN* / Open-LAN*
• Proxy settings
• Access to external network

A B O U T   T H E   C E N T E R
• Access - Room guide - Equipment
• System overview
• Usage statistics
• Organization - Regulations - Chronological Overview

* only internal network

Osaka Kyoiku University Information Processing Center Home Page
Address: 4-698-1 Asahigaoka, Kashiwara, Osaka 582-8582, Japan
Phone: +81-729-78-3824