Minimalist Modeling

Problems of Projection modeling

Ginsburg, Jason. 2016. Modeling of Problems of Projection: A non-countercyclic approach. Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics 1(1): 7. 1-46, DOI:

Source code for more recent implementations of Problems of Projection Model

Latest implementation: Python implementation source code (updated 9/2017)

Minimalist Machine (joint work with Sandiway Fong)

The Minimalist Machine is a computer implementation of Minimalist theory.

The Minimalist Machine website (created by Sandiway Fong)

Python implementation source code

Download the source code

Output Derivations

These are the derivations of sentences from important linguistic literature. Derivations are automatically produced by the Minimalist Machine (source code is below). This implementation is virtually identical to Sandiway Fong’s implementation of the Minimalist Machine.

Basic Sentences

Expletive constructions, multiple agreement: Chomsky (2001)

Wh-questions and islands: Chomsky 2008

Subject/object wh-movement asymmetry, that-trace effects, optionality of ‘that’: Pesetsky & Torrego 2001

Thematic Extraction: Sobin 2014

Binding: Kayne 2002, Pesetsky 1995, Belletti & Rizzi 1988

Tough Constructions, relative clauses: Chomsky 1977, Hicks 2009, Gallego 2006, Munn 1994

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