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Academic Advisors

Your academic advisor will provide assistance and advice on problems relating to your studies, academic advancement, and other personal problems.

Japanese Language/ Culture Classes for Undergraduate Students

Classes and tests are conducted in Japanese. Therefore, it is necessary for international students to possess sufficient Japanese language proficiency. Japanese language classes in order to further develop their language abilities are offered for undergraduate students. Supplementary classes for exchange students are also available. Please note that intensive Japanese courses are not offered.


“Tutors” are Japanese students who assist individual international students outside of class regarding their specific field of study or with regard to affairs of everyday life. For international students who have just arrived in Japan, or who have just advanced into undergraduate studies or graduate school and have not yet built up sufficient experience, tutors provide invaluable advice on many things and many become international student's good friends. By all means, we recommend using the tutor system further as a means to promote exchange with Japanese students. The tutor is selected by the University based on the recommendations of the academic advisor. This system can be utilized, in principle, as follows:

  • During the first two years after entrance to the undergraduate level
  • For the first year of study after entry to the graduate level
  • For one year after matriculation for Research Students
  • For one year for Teacher Training Students, Exchange Students, and Japanese Studies Students
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