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Financial Support

Scholarships of Public and Private Foundations

(Please note that Osaka Kyoiku University does not have a scholarship system itself.) Most scholarships by public and private organizations are limited to international students already enrolled at Osaka Kyoiku University and are also limited in the number of possible applicants. For information on Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarships, please contact the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate in your home country.

Foundation Application Qualifications Monthly Stipends (Type)
Japan Student Services Organization (Gakushu Shoreihi)
  • Those who are undergraduate students, or graduate students and whose status of residence qualifies as College Student.
70,000 yen

50,000 yen
Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Foundation
  • Students from a country where the Rotary Club exists (preferably from Asia), residing in Japan on a Student Visa.
  • Graduate students or undergraduate students in the third or fourth year.
  • Students who have not acquired a doctoral degree.
  • Students under 40 years of age.

150,000 yen

120,000 yen
Interchange Association
  • Students from Taiwan who attend a masterfs course at a national university in Japan. Students under 35 years of age.

185,500 yen
(Graduate, 2 years)
Daiyukyo Kokusai Kyoryu Enjo Kenkyu Kyokai
  • 1st year undergraduate students and 1st year graduate students who have financial problems.
50,000 yen
(Graduate, 1 year)
50,000 yen (Undergraduate, 3 years)
Itochu Foundation
  • Graduate students under 40 years of age, hoping to contribute through executive organs, private enterprise, or academic conferences to the education of youth in their home countries, and majoring in fields related to such activities.

100,000 yen
The Asian Foundation for International Scholarship Interchange
  • Those who are Asian undergraduate students. Undergraduate students should be under 30 years of age and graduate students under 35.
70,000 yen

60,000 yen (Undergraduate)
Nakajima Foundation
  • Students in good health, in need of financial aid, and possessing superior scholastic achievement and character.
  • Undergraduate and graduate students who can contribute to promoting international understanding and friendly relations between Japan and foreign countries.

120,000 yen (Graduate)

100,000 yen

Tuition Exemptions (fiscal year 2005)

In special cases where a student has financial difficulties in paying tuition but has otherwise shown excellent scholastic achievement, or for other unavoidable reasons, the university may grant the student a tuition waiver, grace of collection or permit payment by monthly installments upon application by the student and selection by the University. Applicants for this system are requested to consult the Student Affairs Section.

However, please note that this system is not applicable to research students and auditors. Application should be made separately for each semester. Applications will be accepted in late April for the first semester and in the middle of September for the second semester. The submission dates are printed on the application form. Please take due caution to avoid overlooking them.

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